Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Learning how to draw day 01

It has been long time since I wanted to start drawing. I always wanted to make my own manga. Since I am a programmer, of course I had to think of making a manga drawing program. But how am I going to make a program like that and I don't know how to draw? This is why I deceived that I have to learn how to draw.

So my plan is simple. For a number of months I will try to draw manga every day. Probably something simple and post it here - posting here will be for you guys to laugh at it -. Hope you enjoy.

The first drawing gives the basic way to draw a head. I won't bore you with the details but rather let you see the final result that I did on my Galaxy Note 4:

Try not to stare at the image above for too long in order not to get permanent brain damage. The next step I went into was improving the eyes, so I ended up doing something like this:

 This one seems good. So instead of redrawing it, I became lazy and used copy and paste to end up with the following:
I hope this post did not kill too many brain cells. Hope you enjoyed the first attempts. 

Thanks for reading and have a happy new year.