Friday, May 30, 2014

Iraq: a country with no budged!!!

Hi there guys...

There is nothing useful in this post. Just wanted to share how crazy some parts of the world are. So, it has been quite some time since I posted anything. I had to go back to Iraq to address some issues. I have been here for two months so far.

Being far away for too long made me forget how crazy things has been. One of the crazy things is the 2014 budget. It has been five months, and the 2014 budget has not been approved. Iraqi politicians and parties argue all the time, each trying to secure as much profit as possible (for themselves of course). Now it seems that they found a way to use the budget as another weapon to blackmail and force each other.

Now why I am talking about the budget issue? Well basically, this means many projects must be postponed by the government since there is no money to pay. Any private company who provided services for the government can not take their money. Not only that, during these five months, private companies must pay the salaries for their employees. Now, where do these companies get the money if there is no source for income? I have heard that few companies have closed because of this.

In addition many pensioners are waiting for the payment. How should those people live?

Have you heard about a similar situation? If so, in which country?

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