Monday, July 14, 2014

17 days in, nothing motivates to do anything.

Hi there...

This is a quick post about the 17 days I have spend in Iraq so far. Hope this explains why I am not posting any update to the site:

1- Internet service is blocked in my area.
2- Electricity is mainly provided by generators, which does not allow us to turn on the air conditioner.
3- It as between 45 and 50 degrees centigrade these days.
4- The budget for the Iraqi government hasn't been approved so far, so we haven't got our money for the projects we did and we almost has no money left.
5- Reduced few employees work hours.
6- The country is still unstable, and I am expecting that ISIS might reach Baghdad in a month or so.

The situation is mostly depressing, and in general things are getting worse and worse over time.

Still I try to find other sources of income, but there isn't many options, since the basic services in my field are not available or is blocked because of the current situation.

Hope things don't go any worse, and hope I will still be alive.

thanks for reading and sorry for the boring post.

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