Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Developing "Army Defence", my second Android game.

Hi there guys...

In the last two or three weeks, I have been working on an Android game whenever I got some free time. The design of the new game is far more simpler than "The Escape". There is no screen scrolling, there is no tiles, and there is no need to generate a map using a map generator which I would need to build. I used many techniques that I learned when developing the previous game in the new one, and improved them a little.

The game itself is about defending yourself from attacks done by different types of airplanes as shown in the screen below.

 The game consists of a number of stages. Starting with simple types of enemies and getting more difficult the more you progress. Also, I tried adding new type of enemies every stage or two to make the player curious about what to see next, and avoid repitition.

The tank can use auto file which allows you to focus on moving left and right only, while your tank shoots once every second or so, or if you like you could switch to manual, and fire at will.

So far I have done only 12 stages. You could every level in a minute or so. So far, you can only experience new enemies. Next I am adding upgrades to the tank such as increasing armour, or getting different fire power, etc.

I might publish this game on google play in the next day or so, and add more stages and upgrades as time goes on.

Unlike the previous game, adding more stages to this one is much easier because the stages are stored as text files, which are parsed at runtime. Also since each stage is short, it is not difficult  to test the stage.

That is all for today.

yours sincerely


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