Thursday, January 1, 2015

Learning how to draw day 02

Hello again...

In my continuous attempts to ruin your eyes, I created two images today but this time without a reference. So check out the results

You can see the problem with the first image is that I got the dimensions of the face wrong. Things are a little better in the second, but the problem is that the left eye is larger than the second.

In the end continuous practice make you improve.

Thanks for watching these horrible drawing. :)

Take care and have a wonderful day.



  1. Dear MKaatr,

    What a wonderful person you are!! Taking your time to make all these cool tutorials and even a fantastic ebook!! It is time someone tells you how important you are for stupid people like me that cant pay a college and relies on smart people like you! Can´t tell you enough how thankful I am. Big hug and keep up this kind and good job!!

    1. Hi there...

      There is no such thing as stupid people I am sure you are a smart person like many others. It is just that learning and making things takes practice and time.

      Thanks for the comment. Take care and have a wonderful day.